Anshul Chodha
Anshul Chodha - Principal Architect
I believe in the power of imagination, and realize the imagination behind everything. I believe in no limit to how much and how far one can superimpose this imagination with creativity.
With the zeal for this philosophy as my cornerstone, I set out to realise othersí dreams and my own.
My five and a half year stint with Khosla Associates helped me gain a very solid foundation in architectural and interior design. What I didnít learn or understand during my five years in architecture school, I was able to absorb as Sandeepís associate. My time here opened my eyes out to the importance of design, and how it can make or break the purpose of it. It is this learning and the confidence I gained here that eventually inspired me to found Sanctuary.
Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal (1992-1996)
Prior experience:
Associate Architect, Khosla Associates (1997-2003)
Passionate about:
Spirituality, travel, music and art.
Inspired by:
nature, spirituality, and minimalist philosophies