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Bhupathi Residence
Scope: Interiors
The apartment, the way it had been structured before Sanctuary took on the interiors, looked out into only a single, not-so-great view. Only the bedrooms looked out into some greenery. So the first major alteration in the layout introduced by Sanctuary was of removing one bedroom and converting it from a 3-bedroom into a 2-bedroom apartment. Several walls had to be exploded for ample space to be created. What has transpired is a configuration that would allow a lot of light to filter through, and bring in a feeling of visual spaciousness.
The interiors are being designed to give them a very modern, slick and elegant feel ? overall, the very finished look that Kavita was looking for. The backdrop is mostly composed of neutral tones like off-whites and browns, on which accents of colour will come out through furniture and upholstery. The flooring makes a big impact on whether a room ends up looking casual, formal, warm or cool. The floor for area in the apartment is being treated to give a different feeling. Kavita loves New York, and we?re trying to transport parts of it into her home - wood and marble polished floors, an open kitchen, ceramic-tiled loos et al!