How can the client be assured that he is getting what he wants, in its highest quality at the lowest possible cost? The answer to this question is far from easy, but it is clear that process and quality management are at the core of it.
As the building environment became more complex and more fragmented, architects and designers gave away their role of the 'master builder,' and with it, virtually all meaningful control over the building process. Yet, clients still hold them accountable for the results. This conflict is the core source of miscommunication between architects/designers and clients.
Sanctuary attempts to redress this imbalance by:
  • defining processes that would both improve and demonstrate the improvement of delivery of services
  • re-employing tools already in use and relate them to the client's perceptions of quality
  • increasing clarity and transparency by defining the relationships between the architect, the client and other parties involved in a project, thereby increasing accountability and reducing risks.