Based on the agreement, Sanctuary may require the introduction of any or all of the following consultants into the project:
  • Structural consultant
  • Cost consultant
  • Plumbing consultant
  • Electrical consultant
  • Landscaping consultants
While Sanctuary may recommend consultants from their experience, the client is free to go with Sanctuary’s recommended consultant(s) or make an independent choice of their own.
Sanctuary will advise the client if the competency of the recommended consultant is questionable. However, Sanctuary cannot be held responsible for:
  • Designs provided by the above-mentioned consultants, respectively.
  • Costings and bill of quantities calculated by these consultants for their respective areas of expertise
  • Timelines committed to by each of the consultants for their respective deliverables
  • Quality of output of deliverables outside the scope of Sanctuary’s engagement.
  • Guarantees
The level of involvement of any or all of the above consultants would be defined by Sanctuary.