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Srishti - Jewellery Store
Scope: Interiors
Rather than take the expected approach to over-display jewellery and over-decorate the surroundings, Sanctuary offered to give Shrishti a muted backdrop for their Jewellery to stand out on. Texture was added to the clean white walls by introducing fresh White Himachal, a natural slate, on one of the walls. Grey-brown veneer units where fabricated and to accentuate the subtle yet rich jewellery further, the upholstery chosen for the chairs was of wine colour.
The jewellery itself was displayed on natural stone busts. However, you donít see the stone busts in our pictures as we missed photographing them before they were replaced with the regular synthetic necks.
Niches, some straight and some at a slant, were created, with concealed spot lighting to highlight the displays.