Designed for a lawyer on a large site in Bangalore, the structure hunkers down in its plot allowing vegetation to carefully grow over its looming form. A careful selection of materials, basalt cladding, rich oak veneer, form finished concrete and ISMCs give it a simple, bold and structural importance. The brief consists of varied, yet direct functions; smart planning and green solutions help to deliver this with a most humane form. Each element stands for its necessity, pure, balanced and controlled by the rest, it is given a rich materiality that will eventually be mellowed with greenery. Clean lines, warm colours and bold character are softened with plants, creepers and low tress. A series of courtyards, balconies and open verandas allow light and shade to dance within this seemingly hollow shell. While inside, forthright planning and interiors of scale harmoniously envelope the exterior in a play of landscaped planters, perched just over the edge so they can grow inside and hush over outside. This house aims to be a result of perfect planning deriving form maturing through a green, but almost mobiusly rigid facade.